About The Ebon Triad


The Ebon Triad is an evil cult of heretics from the churches of three evil Greyhawk deities - Erythnul, Hextor, and Vecna. They believe that their deities represent a fragmented divinity, and that through their actions they can merge the power of their three deities into one overdeity of extreme and unimaginable power. The Ebon Triad has cells throughout the world each working to raise funds to finance their ambitious project.


The official churches of Erythnul, Hextor, and Vecna are displeased with the foundation of the Ebon Triad. Tradition and belief have always kept these three churches at odds with each other, and the majority of these faithful have no wish to see the glory and power of their patron deity "diluted" through mixing with "lesser" religions. The fact that their deities continue to grant spells to the cultists of the Ebon Triad is vexing and disturbing to the traditionalists, especially to the church of Hextor, whose rigid faith cannot square the contradiction. Word of the heresy has not spread far from the three churches, who keep accounts brutally suppressed before the radical ideas of the Ebon Triad gain more converts.


To most people, however, the idea that a mortal cult could bind gods as powerful as Erythnul, Hextor, and Vecna is extremely doubtful, even preposterous.The symbol of the Ebon Triad is a black triangle with the unholy symbols of Erythnul, Hextor, and Vecna each carved into one of the triangle's three points. From the fanatical peripheries of the three evil churches comes a blasphemous doctrine known as the Way of the Ebon Triad, an anonymously penned collection of essays and scrolls soaked in phantasmagoric allegory and apocalyptic ecstasy. The Way outlines in vague terms a series of rituals and portentous events that culminate in the spiritual and physical adhesion of Erythnul, Hextor, and Vecna into a single supremely powerful overdeity. Outlaws even within their own blasphemous religions, adherents to the Way of the Ebon Triad travel the world in search of fellow wanderers, often banding together to influence important events and edge the world  closer to catastrophe.


Fed up with the cults more religous zealots Khallida a powerfull Wizardress and Palemaster. Has decided to find her own way to combine the deities.  Whilst she worships Vecna she is not fanatical. She doubts that divine means and fanaticism will suffice. So she has set off with two companions to find a more practical and arcane way to acheive her goal. Her companions a Assassin by the name of Acanthophis and a Ninja Spy by the name of Rybadhi are not overly concerned with her goal. But recognize a chance of attaining more power and wealth with her than with the zealots. So the three have set off to StormReach. And are quietly setting about acquiring the wealth they will need to fullfill their ultimate goal. Khallida has managed to find some help in the form of a powerfull orginization called The Order of Dramentia. Dramentia being the leader of his name sake guild. Is also a Deep Dragon Mindflayer Hybrid with incredible mental prowess. He too has his own unknown goals.  However he intends on maintaining a neutral mindset when it comes to world events. He is not above using beings like Khallida, and her friends. To do some of the more insidous deeds he may need to do, to further his own goals.  So a tentative relationship has formed in that Dramentia always pays well. And Khallida always delivers  on her end. Whatever the deal may be.



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